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What is Destiny?

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

I had the great pleasure of hearing from a good friend about a week ago. It is always a joy to hear from him. His passion for life, as well as his outlook on the world and humanity is truly moving. He is one of those people who inspires everyone around him and makes the world and those around him better, simply by being who he is. This time, he surprised me by sharing words with me that rendered me speechless. It is as though he sensed that I needed to hear them at that exact moment in time. It turns out that the words that he shared with me were his own. Words written on a bus in a foreign land. I am once again awe-stricken by the beauty of his soul and his way of eloquently and picturesquely describing life’s greatest journey: finding one’s destiny. I feel blessed that he has shared his words with me. Although he wishes to remain anonymous, he is allowing me to now, share them with you. I hope that you will all be as inspired as I am.


“Let’s talk about destiny. What is destiny? Some would say it is a calling, what your life is meant to be. Some would say it is an energy force pulling you across the tumultuous mountain range until you reach a level of fulfillment. Some would even say it is what God has planned for us. The first and the last insinuate that it is a predetermined phenomenon. Like a fixed horse race, it is not something that is internally ingrained. It is not a physical organism but it has a presence in a person’s whole body that makes them question everything they do…Until someday, in the roaming plains of their subconscious, they stumble across it, this thing which is their destiny and stare it straight in the eyes, with the belief that: “YES, I can do that. I can and I will because somewhere deep within me, I have known this to be my journey, all my life.”

Then comes the next step. Doing it. Formulating the strength, the love and belief in yourself f to throw aside things that no longer matter and dive head first into something that will change you and which has the potential to change the world. Now where will this strength come from? It will come from love and freedom. The freedom to love and the love of freedom. Inevitably, we are all born free. Heartbreakingly, this freedom is taken away from some because of their geographical placement in this beautiful yet cruel world, or simply for the colour of their skin, gender, socio-economic status, etc. We must therefore cherish this freedom that we are blessed with and use it to the best of our ability. If nothing else but for the fact that so many people wish for it every single day.

We need to love what we are devoting our lives to, we need to be free in our hearts and in our minds to focus, to go ahead and actively seek out that dream that is undoubtedly our destiny. Even if we feel that we have found it, we must truly look deeper. If we do not feel inspired or exhilarated by it, then it must not be our true destiny. We need to make that fire, the one within us all, rage. No matter how dull it is, it is there, inside each of us human beings, inevitably fuelled by a source of some sort and just waiting to roar. People, desires, knowledge, understanding, help, love, the sun, the ocean, animals. Whatever it is, we need to tap into that fundamentally indispensable cascade of inspiration and direct those rejuvenating droplets of life into our hearts and souls. We must let them feed our fire and every ounce of our being.

How important it is to feel something so strong, resonating and reverberating throughout ones entire being. To grab that feeling by the reins and ride it until we become one with it, across the valley and into the arms of love and fulfillment. We must do everything in our power to find that feeling. For your heart to ache and your chest to get tight because you know that what you are doing is what you have always been destined to be doing, that is the objective. What you were before was all a directing river flow into this raging waterfall that is now your life or could be your life if you listen to that big, beautiful, red, beating life source you have inside of you. You must take the risks and face the fears, externally and internally. You must grow and learn from your mistakes and setbacks every step of the way and keep the memory of them with you as a token of your progression. If it feels right, if it frees you of those shackles that have inhibited you for so long, then you must go for it with all of your might. It is your destiny”

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